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Shaving For Men – How to Shave the Chest

Male hair removal is increasingly popular, and is not just about the face today. More and more men are shaving other parts of themselves. Chest and the back are often the first areas to be tackled.

Is the hairy chest a good look or a turn off? This is a question that I often get asked. When it comes to a hairy back, I think the majority of people would agree that a hairy back is generally considered a bit of a turn off, and not a good look. Just ask yourself when you see a man on the beach with a hairy back. The chest, however, is somewhat different, and can split opinion. Even in this age of hairless male models looming down from bill boards, the odd hairy chest can be seen on some hunk here or there, all be it not a full on chest rug as so elegantly worn by Austin Powers!

There are many reasons you might want to shave the chest. Whether it is for better body definition, personal preference or a request of your partner, reducing the added heat chest hair can create, or just general comfort. If you decided you want to shave the chest, what is the best approach?

There are numerous ways of getting rid of the hair, such as waxing, laser treatment etc, which can be expensive, and shaving the chest. The shaving approach is the cheaper option, but it will require more regular maintenance than the other options.

So here are my tips on chest shaving. You should initially consider the existing length of your chest hair. If it is quite long, or this is the first time, it is worth trimming down with a trimmer, probably with a guard on it, or it set to grade 1 or 2 depending on the fitness. You want to reduce the thickness and length, so it is in a fit shape to take a razor to it.

If you need to trim down the chest hair with a trimmer, think of the mess. It is worth standing in a shower or bath, or even putting down some newspaper, as basically there is going to be hair everywhere. If you do shave your chest in the bath keep an eye on the plug hole as it can get clogged up quickly, so keep the water running on a regular basis so it does not clog up.

Prepare yourself for the shaving of the chest by having a shower before you start, as this cleanses the skin, and enlarges the hair follicles ready for shaving. Ideally you should shave while taking a shower. Use a brand new razor for men , and be prepared to use more than one, depending on the quality of the blade. After all, there is a lot more surface area to cover than when shaving your face. Keeping the blade sharp is key to avoiding those nasty nicks and cuts.

With the chest wet, with warm water (it is ideal if you do this in a running shower), start applying a good quality shaving cream. The best method is to whip up some quality shaving cream in a bowl with a brush, and apply to your chest.

Start by doing small sections at aa time. Do not try to do long strokes from the neck line to the pubic area. As with the face, do not apply too much pressure with the blade. You want the blade to glide gently over the chest. A clogged blade will drag, and potentially nick, so de-clog on a regular basis by placing under hot running water. This is easier if you are in the shower.

Take care round the nipples, and shave very carefully around them. Take your time and concentrate, and do not apply too much pressure. If you are using a good shaving cream, or shaving soap, the razor should glide gently.

Wash down with cold water, if you can bare it, and pat dry. Make sure you do not rub. Apply a light body moisturizer, preferably with a tea tree oil element, as this has antibacterial qualities.

A smooth chest will not stay smooth long, so remember to keep it. How long one shave will last will very much depend on the speed of hair growth. Use a good exfoliator daily as this will clear away dead skin cells, and keep smooth. Next time you come to shave, the hairs should not be so long, so if you keep on top of it you will not need to use a trimmer and the whole process will be far quicker.

Male hair removal on the chest can have great effects. So take it easy and enjoy a smooth feel, and that more chiseled appearance, although it helps if you have a six pack to start. If you are in doubt about whether to shave your chest, why not give it a go. After all, you have nothing to lose, and the hair will grow back if you do not like the smooth look.

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