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For Men Who Shave Their Head or Who Are Bald

Attention all men. If you're someone who shaves their head or who is simply bald, please read this.

As men, we all typically have unwanted body hair. However, when you shave your head, or if your bald you must remember that your ear hair becomes more noticeable.

When I say ear hear, I'm talking about hair that grows out from the center of your ear, hair that grows on the lobes of your ears, and hair that grows around the outside of your entire ear.

The good news is that it's easy to keep these hairs from becoming too noticeableable.

When it comes to ear hairs that are coming out of the center of your ear, you can simply take a pair of safety scissors and trim that area so that the hairs are kept short and mostly unnoticeable. You can also take one of those battery operated personal trimmers. You simply turn it on and gently glide it just inside your ear to help trim those long unwanted hairs.

When it comes to the hair growing on your ear lobes, you can also take the same personal trimmers mentioned above, and use it on the lobes of your ears to trim the hair there. If you have an electric shaver, you can then gently run the electric razor over year ear lobes to smooth them out even more.

A lot of guys forget that hair also grows out of the perimeter of your ears. It can be anywhere from the lobe all the way up to where your ear meets your head. If you take your fingers and gently glide them along the perimeter you can feel the hairs that are there. Most likely you'll be surprised when you feel how much hair is there. There are several ways to rid yourself of these pesky hairs. One way is to simply take a pair of tweezers and pluck any hairs that you feel. It will pinch for a second when you pluck it, but it's better not to have it sticking out. If you do not have a pair of tweezers and you do have a pocket knife, many pocket knives have a built in tweezer that you can use. Another way to rid yourself of these hairs is if you have an electric razor. Most electric razors have a small pop-up razor that is mean to trim sideburns. If yours has this simply pop it up and glide it along the edge of your entire ear.

All the above hairs are good to check even if you're not someone who shaves their head or who is bald. However, they stand out more if you do shave you head, or if you're bald so make sure you keep these hairs in check and you'll improve your appearance.

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